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When you buy a travel program, the services included on the package will be clearly discussed with your travel consultant.

However; we warn you about some inclusions which usually are not included in a travel program:

  • Domestic or international flights, at least you requested them to be included in your travel program. In that case, they will be specified in your program.

  • Travel insurance, which will depend on your decision to contract it in your country or not. Please note that we always recommend to hold with a travel insurance in order to enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

  • Main meals, except the one clearly indicated in your day by day program.

  • Tips, at least you requested them to be included in your travel program.


No matter where you go in the world, it is always better to have a travel insurance. That might help you to save money in case you need medical assistance while traveling.

When you go on a trip, you are exposed to different situations that can alter the quality of your trip: from the loss of luggage, a cold, a slight trip or something more serious. 

To acquire a travel insurance is not expensive and its price depends on the duration of the trip.

Before buying one, please contact your regular medical carrier and ask if you have coverage while traveling. Please specify the country or countries you will visit and most important: request a written confirmation, a 24/7 contact number and make sure that an emergency evacuation back home is included.

We will appreciate if you consider this advise before your arrival.

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You are probably close to your dream vacation. South America is a destination with an impressive geography that results in different altitudes and climates, long rides or flights, and many different activities.

We suggest you the following items as part of your luggage:

  • Comfortable shoes (rubber soles) and clothing.

  • Cotton t-shits and underwear.

  • Sweaters.

  • Trousers.

  • Light and warm jacket.

  • Swim suit.

  • Rain coat.

  • Accesories: hat, sun glasses, light backpack.

  • Personal items: toothbrush, make up, medication, sun block, mosquito repellent (in case you visit the jungle).

  • Devices: camera or mobile phone and an extra memory card

​A special list of suggested items will be sent to you in case you are doing a trek or you are visiting the jungle.


Peru and all the countries in South America are ​vibrant destinations: impressive landscapes, wonderful constructions, natural scenatios, cultural heritage everywhere, friendly people, delicious cusine, beautiful handycrafts... you will have everything but a short time to enjoy all, so we suggest you to revise the following information which will help you understand and enjoy yout trip.



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