Your own working area, even away from your office 

A great choice for millennials, young professionals and freelancers who need to be "connected"

We have renovated the infrastructure of the hotel to offer more comfortable social areas, as well as a
well-equipped co-working, which is available for all our guests at no additional cost.

Small rooms for up to two occupants, ideal for those who require privacy or concentration while working.

Shared rooms for group work or for those who wish to interact with other guests.

Social areas to relax, have a coffee or embark in an interesting reading.

Calle Quera 253 Psj "Hurtado Alvarez", Cusco - Peru

+51 984 033 770   (Reservations), available Mon - Fri 09:00ha to 18:30hs

+51 (084) 229 772 (Reservations), available also during after office hours, weekends and holidays.

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